Data protection is essential for companies. This includes data protection training and awareness for employees, which must be ensured by the data controller (employer). According to the GDPR, data controller has the obligation to provide evidence of compliance with data protection (GDPR Art. 5 Para. 2). Awareness should be raised regularly and continuously to minimize risks in the company about data protection violations. For example: In case in a company the discovery of sensitive data could cause damage to those affected, a higher frequency should be set than for companies with a lower risk potential - the so-called risk-based approach in data protection.

A violation of the data protection requirements of data protection trainings for employees can be fined by the supervisory authority for data protection (GDPR Art. 83 Para. 4 lit. a).

Often it is prevailed that the Data Protection Officer is responsible for the implementation of training courses and awareness - this is not the case. According to GDPR Art. [Nbsp] 39   paragraph   1   lit.   b it is clearly regulated that one of his tasks is to monitor the strategies of the person responsible regarding the training of employees.

As a rule, the company and thus the directors are fully responsible in the meaning of GDPR. The responsible person - i.e. the CEOs - has to provide the necessary resources so that employees can be trained and made aware during their working hours. Also as a rule, the company is obliged to provide the resources and specialized know-how for continuous internal data protection compliance. This is where we from are joining the scene.

Our expertise is also expressly aimed to companies that are not subject to an obligation of appointing a Data Protection Officer but they are nevertheless legally obliged to comply with data protection legislation, too.

Data protection awareness and data protection compliance does not have to be expensive.

Take advantage of our experience and know-how. Meet your obligation to provide evidence starting from 18 euros per year and employee. With our solution you have a safe, lean and inexpensive tool at hand to cover this area in full.


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